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Enhance Security with Rekeying Locks in Melbourne

Rekeying locks can provide you with great peace of mind. If previous tenants or homeowners have lived in your property before you, you cannot know for sure how many people may have had the keys to your property before you. In fact, even in new homes, contractors may have had access to your keys before you, meaning your sense of security may be affected. A contractor’s master key means that there are master pins left in the lock, with each master pin doubling the number of keys that can operate the lock. In some cases, up to 16 different keys could operate one home’s locks. If you have lost your key or worse, had it stolen, you may be worried that a stranger could have gotten hold of your key. These concerns mean you may require several keys throughout the house to be rekeyed, which can seem like a huge task. To alleviate these concerns, consider rekeying your locks in Melbourne.

Your Trusted Choice for Rekeying Locks

To give you peace of mind, Global Locksmiths can rekey locks in Melbourne. Rekeying locks means changing the lock so that a different key operates it, making you the only one who has this unique key to your new lock configuration. You may think that rekeying locks is a complicated process, but Global Locksmiths can do it without replacing the entire lock. Our experts in Melbourne rekey your locks to give you the ultimate sense of security, knowing that only you have the keys to your adjusted locks.
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Global Locksmiths is fully accredited by, and are full members of, the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia and Australian New Zealand Locksmiths Association.

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