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For your home in Melbourne, a digital door lock is a worthwhile investment. Digital locks, also known as keyless locks or electronic locks, are the next generation in home and business security. Rather than a traditional key and tumbler system, they use an electric current to actuate the lock. The current can be activated by a several different methods, resulting in a lock that is much harder to bypass and far more convenient at the same time.

Global Locksmiths are the experts for digital door locks in Melbourne, having over 15 years of experience in supplying and installing digital locks and state of the art home security technology.

We provide a range of digital door locks in Melbourne, including:

Push Button Digital Lock: The push button digital lock requires a number sequence entered in on a keypad to open it. If you secure the number key, push button digital locks are useful for your business to allow employees access without having to distribute physical keys.

Card Lock: Card locks are very easy to maintain because access can be changed easily, cards can be coded and erased very quickly depending on how many people need access, and what kind of access. These are the most popular security system used for hotel suites.

Fingerprint Lock: For the ultimate in Melbourne digital door locks, nothing is more secure than a fingerprint lock. Press and hold your digit to the print reader and the lock will open instantly, giving only a select few access to the property. Upon installation, your Global Locksmith service technician can code the fingerprint lock to read one or more prints.

Computer-based Digital Lock: These locks combine the added functionality of computers with home or business security, resulting in some of the best available digital door locks in Melbourne. Computer-based digital locks allow extra features like activity recording, time release and more.

Combination Digital Lock: A combination lock can combine the features of any two of the types of locks listed above. It gives you total protection and versatility in how you use it, resulting in the ultimate digital door lock in Melbourne for your home or business.

Lockwood Digital Locks
Kaba Digital Locks
Kaba EloLegic C-Lever

The C-Lever door fitting excels in high user friendliness, elegant design and compact dimensions. The electronics are integrated in the fitting and recognise keys, ID cards or other media without contact.

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