Locksmith Richmond

Locksmith Richmond

One of the fundamental needs of humans to feel at home and at peace in the world is security, for ourselves and our loved ones. That’s why, here at Global Locksmiths, we take your security seriously. For a locksmith Richmond residents will find provide them with a profound sense of ease, it must be Global Locksmiths. All our services, including our hand mobile locksmith service, are enhanced by fifteen years’ experience in the industry.

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At Global Locksmiths, we of course wish, for your sake, that our security systems remain untested. However, unfortunate things do happen. Why not feel prepared for every eventuality? We stock locks for all types of properties – doors and windows etc. – and to suit the needs of each of our clients. Our locksmith products are not one-size-fits-all. This is the surest way to introduce weakness into a security system.

Achieve an easy mind with Global Locksmiths.

It’s perhaps better to familiarise yourself with burglary statistics for a given area, rather than remaining complacent, when making a choice about the necessity of locks, and types of locks.

In 2015, Richmond’s burglary rate was 1 in 57 homes. It’s easy to say, ‘it won’t happen to me.’ But considered that the state average is 1 in 67 homes, this means that Richmond is slightly riskier than average, reinforcing the need to invest in a quality Richmond locksmith service.

Keep in mind, these statistics don’t mean that you’ll definitely experience a burglary, but it’s important to always keep such information in mind to ensure you invest in the right security solutions. At the end of the day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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Whether you need an upgrade to your security system, a new door lock, or other services from a locksmith in Richmond and surrounds, we’ve got you. Why not call us on 1300 333 565 Or you can send an email to

In addition to Richmond, we offer services to Balwyn, Elwood, Malvern, Western Suburbs and surrounding suburbs.